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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chen Shu Chu: Accumulate Virtue Instead of Wealth

In the last 20 years, Chen Shu Chu has donated fourteen million pesos (roughly 10 million Taiwanese dollars) to those in need - a Buddhist monastery that wanted to set up a children's school, a Christian organization that rescues children in dire need of food, shelter, clothing and education, a Red Cross fund that helps victims of disasters, and to many many more organizations.

At cursory glance, the amount would not be too much considering that many others donate millions of US dollars every year to the poor - but Chen Shu Chu is a simple market vegetable vendor in a Taitung Central Market - and not a billionaire like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett!  That she has given so much shows that she has lived simply throughout the years and just gave the rest to charity - and that she has foregone treating herself to something luxurious, and has opted to give it to someone who may really need it!

It is just fitting that she was awarded with the Ramon Magsaysay Award for philanthropy - and that considering her modest background - shows to us all that charity does not have to be equated with the amount of money but with an open and giving heart and the willingness to live a simple life.

I don't think I'd even come close to what Chen has done.  I am a materialistic SOB who should be ashamed of himself - but that's just how I am.   
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