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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Arriving at KL Sentral and Off to My Hotel Near PWTC

I enjoy riding in trains and every time I arrive in a new city abroad, I try avoiding using the taxi and just use the train service of the city to get to my hotel.  That way, it allows me to see the real city!  I have done that in many cities - Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, London and of course, in Kuala Lumpur.  I enjoy the experience immensely because I get to interact with the locals especially when I have to look for a place.

So when the bus deposited us at KL Sentral, there were already many taxis in the bus area asking for our fare, but I stuck to my guns and decided to lug my baggage around and enter KL Sentral.

The freakin' escalator that was not functioning!

One minor hardship was the escalator was NOT working.  Que horror!  So I had to carry my luggage on this really steep non-functioning escalator!  Soon as I reached the top, I rested for a bit, and once again, took some pictures.  

I entered the KL Sentral mall and it's quite busy since it was a Saturday night.  I went straight to the LRT ticket booth and asked for a stored card.  It costs 12 ringgit (188 pesos) and it had a stored value of 10 ringgit (156 pesos), enough to take me to my hotel. 

The stored LRT card was very easy to use.  You just tap it and then the barrier opens.

My stored LRT and Monorail card.  I learned how to use the machine where I could top this up!  Pretty easy to use since it had English in it, as well!
It looks like a mall, and it is a mall which houses the central station of KL, very impressive!

Like these ladies, I was lugging my stuff around.  Good that I only packed 9 kilos!

This is where I am going to change stations to go to PWTC!

Yup, their stations look like the once you see in HK, with large TV screens which even featured an 'It's More Fun in the Philippines' ad!
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