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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Airport Bus Ride From LCCT to KL Sentral and Vice-Versa

I used to take the KLIA from the KL airport to the city central, but this time, since I was in the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal), I decided to try the bus service!  There is a bus booth inside the LCCT where you can buy the ticket, the name is Aerobus and it's easy to spot because of its bright yellow color!

The fare is 8 ringgit (125 pesos) one way and 14 ringgit, two way (219 pesos).  The conversion I used is the real conversion rate at the airport money changer and not the ones you see in the news.  The reality is, the real conversion rate is much smaller than what is published in the news.

Anyway, the bus ride took about an hour.  I promptly fell asleep in the bus.  It was a comfortable ride although the curtains looked dirty.  The seats were comfortable and the airconditioning was sufficient.

I took the same bus going back to the airport on my return trip.  I found it easily and did not get lost in KL Sentral.  The escalator going up is still not working though so that was a bit of a hassle.
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