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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Computing My Credit Card Payments

There's nothing like computing your credit card payments to bring you back to earth.  I just did my computations today of my two credit cards and I was jolted with what I saw!  At the rate I am paying them, it will take me two years, until October 2014 to pay both totally!!  And that includes only expenses that I want to watch till September this year!  Other concerts that I want to watch after that, I'd have to pay in cash!! Que horror!

The challenge now is do I have the guts to do just that?  Let's see how I can manage realistically!

#1 Pay AXA payment and gym in cash.  I observed that if I pay through card, I'd have to pay the interest rate and it accumulates!  So cash is better.

#2  As much as possible, pay the ticket in cash!!

#3 Check credit card payments everytime I feel like spending so I get back to earth!!

#4 If you can get free tickets through friends, do so!

#5 If making a purchase, check first how it impacts your payment plan!

#6 Be frugal in the right way!

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