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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ten Reasons Why I Like Staying at Hotel Wira While I'm in Kuala Lumpur

I had stayed at Hotel Wira several times before and it has been my hotel of choice when I go to Kuala Lumpur.  It's actually just a modest-size hotel, maybe 2 stars at most.  I like staying here for the following reasons:

#1 It's very affordable!   For a 4 day three night stay, I only paid 390 ringgit or roughly 2000 pesos per day, and that already includes the tax and other charges.  

#2 It has free wifi in the room - and it's fast!

#3  It's near an LRT/Monorail station, PWTC, which is just a five-minute walk.

#4  There are many convenience stores outside including a 7-11.

#5  There's a 24-hour KFC near it, a five-minute walk!

#6  There are many different restaurants around it, some Indian, some Malay, some Chinese, you can eat a different cuisine every night!

#7  The rate includes free breakfast!

#8  There is a Hong Leong Bank near it where you can get your Western Union!

#9 The streets around it are well-lighted and there are many tourists around since there are many budget hotels around it too!

#10  It's walking distance to Otot Otot Sauna hehe so I don't worry about going home late

The downsides though include the following:

#1 There is no spectacular view outside except for the Monorail and nondescript tall buildings.

#2 Near it are many wholesaler stores which can get very busy during the day with their deliveries and stuff.

#3 No cable TV so you just watch local channels.

Well, it's not exactly the Marriott or the Ritz but I like staying here.  It's quaint and cute and safe.
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