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Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Dream of Owning a Small Hotel

The hotel I stayed in Kuala Lumpur is quite modest but I love it because even if it's location is like in a weird place (it's off a major road in a side street flanked by wholesaler shops of dry goods!), it's quite near the MRT station, it's near a World Trade Center, and it's near 24-hour convenience store and restaurants!  And it's in a well-lighted area - which is important for me since I'm a night person!

Well, I would love to run a small hotel like Hotel Wira.  There is an old man in the lobby day in day out and I think he owns the place!  He doesn't really bother his employees about their job but he just stays there to watch the goings on and checking that everyone is doing their job!  And he's well-dressed too, formal even.

I wouldn't mind running a hotel when I get to his age!  Maybe just a quaint boutique hotel or some sort of no frills business hotel for business travelers.  That's why I asked Mama about our properties in Mindanao to find out what we can still use and those that we can probably sell!  I guess this will be one of my projects for 2013!  It would be fantastic if this dream turns into reality!

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