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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Camille Lopez-Molina: Breathtaking as Suzuki, in Madame Butterfly

I can't say enough of how impressed Vic and I were with this Filipina soprano, Camille Lopez-Molina, in Madame Butterfly last night.  Vic and I thought that she was the best performer there!  She has a fantastic voice and she essayed the role of Suzuki, the servant of Cio-Cio San really well.  

You should hear this woman sing!  She practically rocked the CCP as her robust voice reverberated around the theater.  She's from the UP College of Music and because of her, I'm excited to see Dulaang UPs Noli Me Tangere - the opera version next month na ata.  I just hope I won't watch it with pesky college kids who have to make a reaction paper for it! 
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