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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lovin' Cris Villonco

It's only April 2012 but Cris Villonco has already appeared in three plays that I've seen.  I already saw her in two, Leading Ladies and yesterday, in Jekyll and Hyde.  I have no plans of watching Sound of Music, the third play she is in, since it's something that I've been seeing regularly even as a kid so I'm full of it already and I don't think watching another version of it would be something exciting.

Anyhow, I am beginning to be a fan of this girl!  She's so good at what she does and on top of that, she can sing really well.  I really enjoyed her in Leading Ladies since she created this character with a defined accent and mannerisms and well, wore really nice clothes!  What gay man would miss that!  Then yesterday, in Jekyll and Hyde, she conveyed unconditional love really well, as she tries to help Dr. Jekyll struggle against his evil side.  It was pretty fascinating to watch her - tender-looking as she is, battling a demon-like Mr. Hyde in one of the crucial scenes in the play.

Well, I don't know what she'll be doing next but I'm sure it would be something interesting and challenging for her.
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