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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dinner Ulit sa Dampa at Aling Marsha's

Vic loves going to the restaurants at the Dampa area, and understandably so.  He loves prawns - and there, you can have a plateful of these things at one-third the price of a normal restaurant.  This time, we did not eat anymore at Claire dela Fuente and instead chose another restaurant at the back of it, Aling Marsha.

Be careful though when you buy the prawns. What they did to us was they transferred the prawns from a vat priced 550 pesos to one that was priced 750!! Imagine that!! And they had the pretense to tell us that it was supposed to be there!  Oh well, di na nagalit si Vic but insisted to only pay 550, and the owner agreed.

So, the cost of the prawns and the clams was around 900 pesos plus the cooking which is at 150 pesos per plate, plus drinks, our bill usually reaches two thousand pesos.  Already reasonable considering if you eat prawns in another establishment, it would cost around 500 pesos for three measly pieces!  So sulit na talaga ito, sarap pa ng pagkaluto!

We also got our favorite clams!

Across the restaurant was the fish stall where we bought the fresh fish

Se e how big the prawns are!  This one is my favorite - it's in buttered sauce - super yum yum!

This one is cooked spicy.  Masarap pa rin pero kasi spicy, medyo di ko type, pero naubos pa rin namin!

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