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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our Lady of Manaoag Visits Our Parish Church

I am very lucky to have seen Our Lady of Manaoag twice in these past five years.  I remember seeing the Virgin Mary during her visit to our condo in Greenhills five years ago.  And today, as Mama and I attended our usual 12 noon mass, I was quite happy to see the Virgin Mary again, as she visited our Roxas District parish church (Holy Family parish church) for the first time, as far as I can remember.

She had many visitors, as I gleaned from the attendees of today's mass.  Usually, the 12 noon mass would be sparse with attendees, but not today.  It was almost full so much so that Mama and I, who usually sat on the front side pew, had to give in and sit a few pews to the back.

After the mass, Mama and I went near her and just like her other faithful devotees, I touched her images, just the hemlines of her fabulous dress, and I just thanked her for all the graces that she has bestowed on us and prayed for Laura and Dylan, that they may grow up to be good, obedient and responsible kids!
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