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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Unscrupulous Condo Developers Who Double Sell

It must be such a nightmare to any homeowner to find out that the condo unit one is paying for actually also belongs to another person!  That the condo developer whom one trusted in the beginning, has actually sold your unit to another person!  I really feel for the people who bought units in the properties of Globe Asiatique.  I really hope the police get to arrest the developers who have duped many people!  Being a condo owner myself - it is very tough to pay those monthly mortgages.  If only money grew on trees!  But each payment is 'blood, sweat and tears' money!  So it is really a criminal act for a developer to double sell a unit!  This is one case our police really have to look into and have the cheating developer pay dearly!  Kawawa naman ang mga bumili ng units sa kanya at niloko niya!
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