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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Living With the Reality of Yearly Flooding

I love the house that I currently live in now.  It is spacious.  Each floor is around 100 square meters, making my whole liveable space at a grand 400 square meters!  You cannot find such space in Manila, maybe just in the expensive subdivisions like Forbes Park.  I have seen some of my friend's houses and some of them are just as big as my brother's room!

So that's why it saddens me to come to realize that whatever is happening to our weather these recent years will make me part from this house.  I really thought the Ondoy floods were just a freak of nature, something that would happen once every 25 years!  But no, just three years after Ondoy, it happened again!  And the waters stayed longer this time by about 6 more hours.  And worse, it happened twice in three days - brought about by a fresh supply of nonstop rains!

Since we're still paying for the mortgages of these two townhouses, we have to live with the reality of flooding - every year!  We are now slowly implementing a system wherein we can save as much as we can from the first floor before the floods actually occur.  One sign is when the dams say they've released water.  Another, is when the creek beside us swells up that it inundates our neighbor's very spacious garden.  If those things happen, we know we're the next place the water is going to fill up!

I do hope the government's flood control plan really takes shape soon!  I can deal with an Ondoy type flooding - but please - not every year.  There will be freaks in weather disturbances - that is now a given - considering climate change - but we have to find a way to fight the floods too - and not just be a helpless victim everytime the crazy weather showers us with seemingly never-ending rains!
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