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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enjoying Air Asia's Cabin Experience

I was sitting at the Exit seats, like always, because I'm fat hehe, and for the first time, I really read the instructions!  It's fairy easy to open the door but what I don't get is how we are supposed to 'slide' down the plane!  These are not cheap seats though!  They cost 450 pesos each!

It was a fairly empty flight, maybe we were just 50-60% full.

I love what I was wearing during this trip.  It was really comfy!  I will always wear this if I travel - I just felt very comfortable!

My seatmate on the other side of the plane!

Air Asia also has a magazine and I did keep one even if they said not too haha

Trying to get some zzzzz'ss

I guess I'm really getting older.  I'm a bit averse now to crowds and people crowding in in airports and airlines - so it was a bit refreshing to fly Air Asia since it was far from the madding crowd - and I had to get off at Clark, although a far drive from Manila, there was no traffic to contend with - and no nerves about being late or anything like that, since it was just a small airport.

I don't know if it's just perception but flying Cebu Pacific is like flying in a cage!  Or maybe I'm just getting the wrong seats.  My Air Asia experience was more relaxed, and since I flew from Clark, I did not have to contend with many people while getting my stuff on the locker above - I could actually 'sleep' since I had no seatmates!

Also, the plane appears much cleaner and the aircon much cooler.  I pre-ordered chicken in their website and make sure you cool it off a bit first because they serve it very hot. I was not able to enjoy my first chicken since I found it too hot, so on my return trip, I cooled it off for a bit - and that's when the flavor came out!

However, boarding is through the tarmac though and since it rained hard when we arrived in Clark, we just had umbrellas to shield us from the fierce rains!  But a bus fetched us and brought us down directly at entrance.

On my way to KL, I had to run in the tarmac as well, no umbrella even if it was drizzling.  I thought I would miss my flight!  But the plane waits pala till everyone is in the plane.

I will definitely ride Air Asia again because they have flights to cities in Indonesia and of course Malaysia.  I actually want to discover both countries very well.
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