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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Sad When Your Boyfriend Confesses to You He's Gay

An acquaintance of mine in the gym, casually came to me and confessed that her boyfriend of five years told her that he is gay, and that he found someone else (a guy of course), and that they had to break up.  Well, I'm not really very close with this girl but I guess since we always say hi when we see each other in the gym, she chose to confide her worst experience with me.  Because I was shocked by her revelation, all I could say at that time was be sorry for her, that it had to happen to her and that I hoped she won't hate gay men.

Well, I did mull about what happened to her and I came out with three reasons why she shouldn't really be sad because of what happened to her -

1.  She had a good friend all those years - and although nothing happened to them (sexually, according to her), he, in a way, was a de facto best friend, who just happened to be a guy, and if she can still handle it, she can still make him her best friend, and confide in him all her problems, especially that they know each other so well...

2.  She did try her best to convert a gay man to be straight (without her full knowledge), so she did her duty to make less one gay man, but the truth is, it takes more than tits and booties to convert a gay man to becoming straight....

3.  It's not very easy for a gay man to out himself so it took his ex-boyfriend a lot of guts to say it straight to her face.  A lot of straight men are not even man enough to break up with you face to face.  Even though her ex turned out to be gay, he was man enough to admit it to her before they chose to make the relationship go deeper.

Before we parted, she said to me, she'll introduce the guys she will be dating to me, just for me to find out if they are playing for my team or her team.  Next time, she really wants to be sure!  I feel you gurl!!

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