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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dissing the Boss in Public!

I was quietly eating my dinner at KFC tonight when the group of guys in front of me were talking loudly about how much they hated their boss!  There were six guys all in all and each of them had something bad to say about their boss.  I could hear their complaints since their table was quite near to me and I could only smile quietly at what they were saying.

I too worked for a boss before and all I could say to those guys is - they have to put up with their boss or just look for another job!  If they have no choice but to stay in their current work, they can change their paradigm, and instead of being antagonistic with their boss, what they could do is kiss his ass!! Find his weakness.  Every person has a weakness or something that he likes a lot.  Find out what makes him happy. And give it to him!!  That way, the boss will look at you in a better light and not put you too much on the spotlight. 

Anyway, no boss stays in his or her position for a very long time. They eventually move higher in the organization or transfer to another company. So while he or she's still there, try to be on their good side. 

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