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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Night at the Opera: The Barber of Seville

Third opera this year, thank God for letting me watch all of them! This one was a comedy so it was totally different from La Traviata and Madame Butterfly. I attended the gala night though so it was more of the local high society in attendance and a slightly mature audience. Our friend, Wilson was in the chorus - uber uber talented guy! What CAN"T you do Wilson? 

It's also the first opera I saw since Turandot that the main leads were men. I love the duets and those arrangements where the main leads would sing together in three's or fours. Our local diva (and I mean opera diva and NOT the other meaning of the word), Rachelle Gerodias attacked all those notes where Rossini implores his soprano to lilt like one was riding on the crest of a wave. Actually, even the male singers had to do it. I guess that's just how Rossini wants it to sound - and it does contribute to making the music more happy and accessible.  Truly a bountiful year for local opera!
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