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Sunday, July 29, 2012

26 Places On My Bucket List

Well, I decided to make this list so that I could plan where I would love to go in the next two years.  I crossed out places that needed visas since I am too busy right now to apply for any of them and the only visa I have is a US visa, so I've decided to just focus the next four years on traveling to the US, so that I won't have to reapply anymore, since everyone knows how difficult it is to get one.

I also included in the list, countries who do not require us to get visas, most of them ASEAN members and some countries in South and Central America.

Anyway, as of today, here are the places that I have to save for after October of this year, so that I can visit them next year.

#1 Las Vegas- we are having our 25th high school reunion here July or August next year so I have to save for this since this is really a go!

#2 San Francisco - I am planning to go here next year for my birthday but I'm not sure if I can save money for it.  If I do get a good Christmas bonus, ALL OF IT will go to this trip and I might have to give simple gifts to everyone this Christmas!

Both those trips are going to cost me more or less, 100K each so this gives me almost no room to maneuver for other trips but I have ranked the rest just in case I get a little extra money - or they give good deals!

One way to save is not to watch concerts anymore haha or just buy the cheapest ticket!

#3  Taipei, Kaohsiung, Taiwan - a cheaper alternative to a US trip on my birthday - if I really don't reach the budget

#4 Washington DC - it's actually this city or Sanfo, since a cousin of mine lives here in DC and I'm hoping she could give me a good price on a hotel.

#5 Lima, Peru - this trip goes hand in hand with either the San Francisco or the Las Vegas trip!

#6 Brasilia - if I couldn't go to Lima, Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, is the next option

Ditto for #7 to 9.  These places will go hand-in-hand with a Sanfo trip, most likely

#10 Mayon Volcano

#11 Pagudpud, Vigan

#12 Jakarta, Indonesia

#13 Jogjakarta, Indonesia

#15 Baler

#16 Luang Prabang, Laos

#17 Sagada

#18 Batanes

#19 New York

#20 Miami

#21 Boston

#22 Catanduanes

#23 Marinduque

#24 Brunei

#25 Hanoi

#26 Dumaguete

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