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Monday, June 25, 2012

Delicious Thai Food at 8 Spices!

I think I was already able to eat at 8 Spices before!  Sila pala raw yung resto na nasa 2nd floor ng Il Terrazo, but since the rent was so high, they looked for another cheaper place, which is now their present location here in Scout Borromeo.  Well, kahit lumipat sila, lumipat din ang mga customers nila as the place was full when we had dinner tonight at around 8:30PM - and it was a Sunday ha!

Vic and Laura

Mama - see the nice exteriors of the place! And the lighting is great!

Their Thai iced tea - yum yum!
Laura enjoying her Beef Noodle Soup
Their Lapu-Lapu - sarap ng sauce nito and the fish too was really malaman!
Their rice had ample meat on top of it and delicious omelette - my favorite!
For the rice though, I'd suggest you get the plain rice lang so that you can taste the flavors of the food.  The problem with getting bagoong rice or the one we got, medyo maalat na siya, so na-oovershadow niya ang lasa ng ibang food.  If it were just plain rice, I'm sure I would be able to discern the different delicious flavors of the food we ate!

Laura enjoying her strawberry ice cream
This hallway leads to the restrooms - ang lawak lang!
There was a statue in front of the store - Laura mimicked the same position!

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