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Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing To Win

One lesson I learned from seeing Serena Williams, as she won her fifth Wimbledon title yesterday, was that I should live my life, by playing to win!  Even though she has been a Grand Slam champion many times over, Serena has had her share of injuries and times when she was out of the race rankings.  But every single time, she has soared back to the top and grabbed a Grand Slam or two, when she was again at the peak of her powers.  You could really see that when she was back in form, that she was playing to win!  And that is certainly an attitude I can use in my own personal life!  To play to win in everything that I do - and even if I am low in life sometimes, that somehow, time will come when I'll be back on top again - and grab the occasion to shine once again.

Life is really like a wheel, I have learned now - sometimes you're up, sometimes, you're down...
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