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Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Travel Secret

I read an interesting article today about people's travel secrets!  The article goes on to mention that the most common travel secret was the hatred of museums.  Well, that maybe applies to other people, but not to me. Every place I go, visiting museums rank quite high among the priorities to do. 

Well, here's my travel secret.

I travel to get laid.  Yup, you read it.  I travel to get some action!  I look to get laid to sample the local people.  It may sound disgusting to some and unsafe but my experiences have been quite delightful!  When you travel, sites should not only be the priority, but also the people!  Of course, since I'm gay, I always stay on the safe side -and thankfully, I haven't encountered any problems.  The local people where I go to have always been quite interesting, accommodating and nice!  And mind you, I don't sleep with prostitutes.  That's such a high risk group for crime and AIDS and STD so I stay away from them.  I am not ugly so I can always use my charm!
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