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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More of Aubergine's Delicious Desserts

Cheese Platter - array of imported cheeses with fresh grapes, roasted walnuts, bread and grissini sticks - 950 pesos (US$22.62)

This is one of my favorite cheeses - the ones which stink to high heavens!

Look at that cheese melting! 

Chocolate pyramid - Belgian chocolate and vanilla mousse with passion fruit ganache - 360 pesos (US$8.62)

I just had to taste the cheese plate of Aubergine, moi being a fan of French cheese.  As expected, the blue cheese which stinks was served and it was even my most favorite of all!  I was really full eating everything as Vic and Wilson weren't really into the cheeses like I was.

I also sample the other desserts in the chocolate plate but they weren't as delicious as the ones I featured in the other article.  However, presentation-wise, both were impressive, especially the pyramid and the cone!
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