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Friday, July 20, 2012

My Favorite TV: Enlightened

HBO has come up with a slew of new TV shows which I like! Well, there's Game of Thrones of course, but this one, I'd have to buy the first season DVD first so I can understand what's happening in the current second season. One of this new TV shows from HBO is Enlightened which stars Laura Dern

I like the show because it has an interesting character in it played by Laura Dern, who is in some sort of crossroads in her personal life and her career.  Her mother, played by her real-life Mom, Dianne Ladd pesters her to fix her life.  And then there are her office mates - those who were with her when she was still the boss, and now those that are her current office mates, now that she's been demoted.

I am pretty interested how this season pans out in the end!
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