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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Touched in All the Wrong Places at New York Spa

I've had to limit my massages to just once or twice a month nowadays since I've been saving up for two foreign trips, so I have been to New York Spa only once last month.  Not that I noticed it but the day I went, I just had to since my body was practically begging for it!

Unfortunately, my suki, Gener, wasn't there but even then, I decided to forge on since I was really freakin' tired.  I now forgot the name of the masseur I got, not sure if it was Ruben or Efren.  But anyhow, the masseur did give me the normal massage but when it already came to the thigh area, I was surprised to feel that he was touching me in 'that' way!  His hands were really close to my junior - which kinda threw me off since ALL of the previous masseurs I got in this spa, NEVER touched me there.  They were, basically, professional guys just giving a tired gay man a nice rub down.

BUT the masseur I got that time, whose name, I say again, escapes me now, went even further.  I daresay he was pretty skillfull.  He basically did not touch but just brushed and brushed and brushed along that area - and you very well know what all THAT brushing cand do!  Anyway, I didn't know if I wanted to be pissed - because who gets pissed when touched that way, but I just shrugged it off and pretended not to notice it.  Anyway, after being brushed five times with no reaction from me made him realize I wasn't really into that thing.

I think he's really gay because when he got to my chest area, I did feel him pinching my nipples TWICe, which I again threw me off.  Here I was, trying to get a nice massage and relaxing, and here's my masseur molesting me.  It was a bit irritating because it was not really want I wanted.  Yes, I am gay, and I enjoy these things - BUT with the right partner - AND in the right conditions.   

Oh well, I decided to just give him a 20 peso tip just to show him I was not amused at all with what he did but I did not report him anymore because he might lose his job and maybe the other clients of NY Spa want THAT kind of massage!  As for me, next time, I just stick to Gener or Alex or Alvin.  At least their hands don't go astray!

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