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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hacksaw Ridge Movie Review: Jesus in the Battlefield

I am just happy that Mel Gibson is back in form, and that the industry has welcomed him back by virtue of his Oscar nomination for Best Director.
Hacksaw Ridge is one of the most violent films I've seen and the only other director who can shoot war scenes as realistic, visceral and surreal like this is Steven Spielberg.
I was sitting four rows from the screen and the second half of the movie - which is all in the battlefield - played out to me like a terrifying nightmare of men being spliced and their guts spilling out of bellies and bullets blowing their brains apart - simply, do not eat during this part of the movie - or you might throw up!
Since I never play video games, I am not used to such levels of violence - and how Mel shot it was just frenetic and relentless and unmerciful. There is nothing sexy or heartwarming about war. It's very brutal.
Well, I won't tell much about the story except that it's set in Okinawa in World War II and both the US and Japan are fighting to get foothold on the island.
The best thing about the movie is Andrew Garfield. This is his 3rd CONSECUTIVE Oscar Best Actor nomination, and this time, he sports an accent and a countenance that is sincere, pure and friendly, it's impossible not to like him in end.

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