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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Four Reasons I'm Lovin' Girls!

Another TV show that I love watching these days is HBO's Girls.  I just discovered it by accident as it came after another one of their nice new shows, Enlightened every Monday night here in Manila

Here are four reasons why I'm lovin' their show -

#1   It's great that they featured virtually new actresses in this show since if they casted well-known actresses, we might have a preconception about their unique characters.

#2 The witty script!  With Judd Apatow guiding the show, we're not surprised about all that youth angst and issues

#3 All the hot boys!  With girls being the center of the show - hot horny young boys are not far behind!  And there's usually a new one every few episodes - so tune in!

#4 All that sex talk and all that sex shown onscreen!  Nothing like watching two attractive young people doing it!  Unfortunately though, even HBO is censored here in the Philippines so just check out the DVD or download copy if you want the 'complete' version.

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