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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Movie Tragic Theater: Scary Na Rin

Upon the advise of my good friend Manila, I decided to watch the horror movie Tragic Theater instead of the rom-com hit English Only Please.  It was a good thing there were many people in the theater when I watched so I didn't feel alone since I watched the movie on my own!

Anyway, scary na rin sya, but nothing really that would freak out seasoned horror movie fans like me.  One revelation to me is that Andi Eigenmann can act pala!  She really got the acting genes of both her Dad and Mom, both award-winning thespians.

One thing I like about the movie though has nothing to do with horror or being scared.  I noticed that all the guys in the spirit warrior group - basta the group who went to the Film Center to talk to the ghosts - were all cute! Even the chubby one!  Hindi sila nakakasawa tingnan.  Some were really cute, some were macho ang dating, some were chinito - but the funny thing is - I like them all!  The girls in the group weren't that ugly either.

Yun lang!  I was distracted by how handsome the boys were in the spirit group!  Except for maybe the seasoned actor there - the chubby chinito one.  The rest, I'd date them if they were alam mo na.......

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