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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rob Kardashian: Hot Like His Sisters

I was channel surfing today and I chanced upon the reality show where the Kardashian's are.  I wasn't able to check  the title since it was already in the middle but anyway, all the Kardashian sisters were there and their Mom and their Dad, Bruce Jenner, who, incidentally, was kind of a hero for me when I was a kid.  He is an Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon so I was really shocked to find out about his, well, dumb daughters.

Anyway, their brother Rob is kinda hot.  The episode I saw involved them riding a boat where Rob and two of the husbands of the sisters were shirtless, most of the time!  And they kept showing their pit hair!  Is this program geared for the gay audience as well?  Most likely!  Pit hair is shown maybe for a second or two but here, oh my, the sexy guys here show it with relish!  Including Rob!

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