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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Discovering Seth McFarlane

It's a bit weird that I don't know much about Seth McFarlane before he hosted this year's Oscar awardsYun pala, he is the guy behind The Family Guy and was the teddy bear in his movie Ted!  I have the DVD for that movie but I am still going to watch it.  I think Seth did a good job in this year's Oscars although I think Amy and Tina did a better job in the Globes, but well, the Globes I'm sure, gave them more leverage than the Oscar producers did for Seth, knowing that more people watch the Oscars than the Globes.  And well, I'm not really into frat guy humor....

Anyway, it's a pity he doesn't want to host it again.  It is a very daunting job!  Well, let's see how the ladies do next year!
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