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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Husband's Lover: Promising But too Melodramatic

I haven't purposely seen a local teleserye in ages so you could say the premiere of The Husband's Lover was some sort of a big event in my life.  It's pretty rare that local TV features gay characters outside the norm which is a screaming faggot, normally a BFF of a beautiful yet clueless female protagonist.  However, with Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo at the helm of this show, this show broke away from the gay stereotype.  This time though, it's the closeted ones who get centerstage, and God knows there's so many of them bimbims out there!

It's a good thing they cast Carla Abellana as the third wheel here since among the local actresses right now, she's the one that I like most!  I think she did a great job in My Neighbor's Wife.  I think I'd be bored to my wits if they cast Lovi Poe here or Bianca King.  I also think their choices for the guys were spot on!

Well, since I am not used to watching local teleserye's, I found some parts of the initial episode too melodramatic!  Kelangan ba talagang may sisigaw and iiyak every 5 minutes?  It's a good thing thought that the Lally's Mommy angle will most likely disappear in the next few episodes as the focus now is on Tom and Dennis' characters.  I really can't stand too much iyakan.  Masyadong OA.  Do real people behave that way?

Well, I will still try to catch the episode tomorrow, or at least this week. 

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