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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Looking For A Gay Best Friend

My brother, Vic, made this astute observation before that I didn't have a gay best friend, even a group of gay friends!  Which makes me really feel bad!  I know the gender of the person shouldn't really matter when you choose your friends, but if you look at it, straight men have their straight men friends, women have their gal pals, some women have their fag hags, and many gay men I know have their own gay barkada! Except me!  I couldn't name one when Vic posed to me the question, 'Who is your gay barkada?'  Yikes!

Oh, I have gay friends but I don't really hang out with them.  I have found one or two though who I think might fit this bill since we share the same interests.  I did have close gay friends growing up from elementary up to college.  But once I started working, I was the only one left standing, because all my gay friends got married!  I was the only one stupid enough to lead the life I really wanted!  I did have some in my early twenties but soon as I reached my 30s, I was all by my lonesome - and my friends now are mostly heterosexual men and women - and a lot of younger gay men - where there's always some sexual tension that no friendship can possibly develop.  Somewhat irritating!  You don't sleep with your friends!

So, this coming year, I will try to actively develop a friendship with a gay man whom I don't sleep with!  It's going to be tough to find someone my age but there should be one among the  younger enlightened ones!  This reminds me of the movie 'I Love You Man'.  I am Paul Rudd and I have to find the best man in my wedding!
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