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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Avengers Packs A Punch

I am not really a big fun of event summer movies like The Avengers so I just decided to write here what I actually like about it - although, admittedly, I had to sit through a lot of destruction that seemed like some huge video game onscreen.

#1  Iron Man's lines - definitely the funniest among all these superheroes!  I think Joss played favorites here - and Robert Downey Jr., being such a good actor that he is, looks like he really enjoyed delivering them!

#2  Scarlett Johansson - what exactly does her character do?  Anyhow, it was clear she didn't have the special powers that the others have but still, as some sort of negotiator, she has some fair share of action here!

#3 Mark Ruffalo when he slammed Loki like a toy doll - that scene really caught me off guard!  I really laughed after seeing it!

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