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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Heart Diño: The First Transgender Chairperson of the UP Diliman Student Council

It's great that the University of the Philippines took the lead and elected a transgender as their Student Council chairperson.  That's a first for the university.  Of course, there are many gay people in our government, many of them are just in the closet.  I guess it's easier for local officials to come out as gay since everybody knows what they do in their own city or province or barangay.  But the national level, like a senator, or vice-president, or even president, the going would be a bit tough since we're a Catholic country and you know what the priests say about us!

Anyhow, we wish Heart all the best during his tenure and I hope it will inspire more leaders of the gay persuasion to come out and be counted!
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