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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Movie Review: Brad Pitt Saves Humanity in World War Z

Some of my friends who have read the novel World War Z say that the movie version deviated too much from the book so much so that the movie version just looked like a vehicle where Brad Pitt puts on his Hollywood A-list credentials as a hero who saves humanity from the zombies.  The movie was directed by Marc Forster who is more well-known for character-driven stories so this big action movie may not fit what he can do best.  I do like the big action sequences where the zombies are running around and everyone is in  a state of panic.  But the CGI makes it a bit unreal and the human beings all look like ants scampering around.  But one does get to feel a sense of panic though and the movie has enough suspenseful moments to make it interesting.  I did enjoy it although it made me think maybe reading the book would be more interesting since it would give enough time and space to 'humanize' all the main characters, especially the one being played byBrad Pitt.

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