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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sir Arthur Eddington: Another Gay Scientist Worthy of Emulation

There's another reason young gay men should not hide their true sexual identity.
I just watched this interesting movie entitled "Einstein and Eddington". Yes, we all know who Einstein is, but who is Eddington?
Well, Eddington turns out to be Sir Arthur Eddington, a British scientist, who helped prove Einstein's General Theory of Relativity.
Einstein kasi was a theorist and he needed someone to help him prove that Newton's Laws of Gravity did not hold up in space. Eddington helped him prove it. It was he who was instrumental in making Einstein world-famous.
And he was gay. The British scientific community knew his sexual preference but it was not an issue for them. This was 1914 England ha!
Yun lang, his only difference with the British mathematician Alan Turing was that he was a Quaker, and his deep religiosity kinda reined in his gay desires.
Also, the man he truly loved, died in World War I, ironically, killed by poison gas that German scientists formulated.
So since his true love died, para na ring namatay ang puso nya. O di ba, ang drama ng lola mo! So he just concentrated in his work.
So whatever people like Manny Pacquiao say about you young gay man (or woman) out there, just do your best in your chosen field and the world, in the long run, will not really care who you slept with or f**ked in the bedroom.
It should not stop you from being great, in whatever field you excel in.

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