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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Five Reasons Why the Life of Estefania Aldaba-Lim is an Interesting Read

To today's generation, she may be popularly known as Che Che Lazaro's Mom, but basing on what I've read, her stature in the UN community and the service that she gave to the Filipino nation during the term of the Marcoses in the 70s should have made her a household name at that time.  What makes her biography more appealing is that it's written by National Artist Nick Joaquin!  Imagine that!  Anyhow, here are my five personal reasons why I found her biography an interesting read -

1.  The father and daughter relationship here is quite fascinating.  It confirms my thoughts that women who have strong father figures and whose fathers shower them with love and the right dose of discipline, often end up marrying good husbands and becoming exemplary wives and mothers themselves. 

2.  I rarely read history from the point of view of a person that was really there!  Normally, textbook history is sometimes dull and can be detached.  However, since Fanny's recollections are so vivid, her American and Japanese era descriptions of Manila and Washington DC are fascinating!

3.  I am a UP alumni and so was Fanny (as a Master's degree student), so it was interesting to read her descriptions of UP before it had the Diliman campus!

4.  Her descriptions of that genteel era of the 30s right through the 50s is absorbing reading, especially on how young Filipinas like her, socialized and flirted with men!

5.  When I was younger, I did aim to work for the UN, so it's impressive to read that a Filipina really made inroads into that huge organization, and made us Filipinos very proud!
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