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Sunday, June 16, 2013

We Knew It All Along Anderson

I was actually surprised to learn that some of my female friends didn't know that CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper was gay!  Not that the poor guy was hiding it from the public, but a casual Google search would've revealed to them that the guy was actually dating handsome Latino men - and not - er, gorgeous women.  Many of them felt downhearted though since for them, he was quite a catch - but all I could say to them was "well, ladies, he's a catch for us too, so let us have him for a change - there are many gorgeous straight men out there anyway"!

My brother and I discovered it way back when Anderson was interviewed about his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt - yes bitches, the guy is New York royalty - and he talked about his true colors and about his mother and his brother who killed himself.  I don't know how his coming out will help his career as a journalist, but at least, it would allow more 'closeted' men more leverage to come out. Not that it's our business that they do.
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