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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

30 Minutes or Less: An Almost Idiotic Comedy Caper

This is a crime caper you've probably seen before in a TV movie or at least, different versions of it with several degrees of seriousness.  30 Minutes or Less, though, is a comedy, so you take everything here less seriously and since even the villains here are goofy, you won't have to worry much about someone's head getting blown off or something violent like that.  There are bomb explosions though - on a cute Teddy bear - and someone gets shot - accidentally that is - so overall, if you're just looking for a light kind of comedy caper - this one's for you!

I like Jesse Eisenberg here - he's so cute and fresh and agitated and sweaty - all at the same time.  Even Danny McBride as one of his nemesis is idiotically fun to watch!  Anyway, watching in a moviehouse might cost too much so a DVD watch would be fine.  Perfect for a lazy Saturday night with nothing much to do!

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