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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspired By Vivienne Westwood Documentary

Vic bought a DVD about Vivienne Westwood in HK and I got to watch last night, and I admit I was inspired by it!  She really is a bit crazy but she does her draping and conceptualizes her ideas into a cohesive collection.  The DVD's timeline is between 1970-1990 and some of the ideas of her collection were a bit shocking and maybe unwearable.  Still, she sells them in her stores!

Well, this dress above which is worn by Linda Evangelista is more of circa this time, and it's the type of print (the tartan prints) Vivienne Westwood is popular for using.  I like it too!

And of course, there is that wedding gown she did for Sex and the City - the first movie version. I love that dress!  It looked fabulous on Carrie.

Well, because of watching that documentary, she got me interested again in making clothes, at least for my sportswear and casual collection.  Maybe a shirt or two every week is ok!

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