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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Favorite Foods To Eat While Watching A Movie!

I don't like the popcorn of Taters and Muscle Beach.  They're pretty expensive and generic ad every time I buy one, I feel cheated because it's just not worth the expensive price!  Because of it, I had to discover other foods to eat when I watch a movie in Trinoma (which is the usual moviegoing place I go since it's near the house).  Well, here are my alternative choices to popcorn -

1.  Rocky Mountain brownie and the Peanut Butter brownie of Mrs. Fields

I buy these everytime I watch a movie in Trinoma.  I used to buy both at 75 pesos (US$1.73) each but now that I'm dieting, I just allow myself one serving of brownie for every movie.  I try to alternate it.  This brownie this week, that brownie next week.  Very hard to do!

2.  Two slices of Manhattan Meatlovers Pizza of Yellow Cab

Usually, when I haven't had dinner or breakfast yet, and I have to watch a movie na, I usually buy two slices of this pizza and it's always tasty!  Always!  I noticed though that if I buy on weekends, the slices are more fresh, compared to buying the slices during weekdays.  I guess the turnover of slices is faster on weekends so they have to keep baking! 

3.  Steak N' Cheese Sandwich of NYFD

I used to not like this place but since there were no other choices, I just had to buy from it (which can be very irritating when I watch movies in Greenbelt 3).  However, last year, I was really hungry and needed a heavy meal for the movie, and I asked the girl what she could recommend.  She said this one.  And voila! Finally, I found something I liked about this place!  Although in the picture it looks very generous, it's not THAT generous but it's very tasty and you could actually taste that leafy green vegetable in it!  So now, everytime, I need to eat heavy for a film, this sandwich is what I buy, especially if I'm watching in Eastwood!  And the meal comes with the French fries.  The fries are ok but it's the dips which are fantastic!  I usually just tell the girl to choose for me and they're always giving me good pickings!  I just let them choose because with so many choices, it confuses my mind and I'm not really into eating fries.
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