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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Daily Expenses: March 1, 2011

Well, I'm back again to posting my daily expenses since I'm trying to cut down on my diet and pay off my other card.  Today was a busy day for me though.  I am beginning to discover how nice the Eastwood Mall is.  Even then, I still keep a sharp eye on what I spent today.  By the way, the peso is strengthening over the dollar so it is getting to be more expensive living in Manila nowadays.

1. Internet - 47 pesos (US$1.08) - Since I have to check on my work e-mail, I found that there was a Station 168 shop in the Citywalk part of Eastwood, so I chose to work there.

2. food - 440 pesos (US$10.13) - I decided to get the beef sandwich meal at NYFD.  Not really a very good choice especially for someone on a diet.  But the movie was about to start so I had no other choice.  I also got a Rocky Mountain brownie at Mrs. Fields.  I was just tempted!  Also, I treated my friend Anne with coffee at Starbucks since she brought me the worksheets and assignment for our Spanish class.  Just had to be nice!

3. movie - 181 pesos (US$4.17) - the movies in Eastwood are more expensive but their chairs are more comfortable actually.

4.  parking - 110 pesos (US$2.53) - no flat whole day rate in Eastwood, tsk, tsk.....

                  778 pesos (US$17.91)

*  Evaluation to minimize expenses:

1.  Just buy bread at the bakery and make baon so that you eat your food at home.  That way, I can cut down my food expenses by 80%.  Also, just treat myself once a week with either that Mrs. Fields brownie or that cookies I love in SM North EDSA.  Just schedule it every Thursday.  JUST ONCE A WEEK!! So no more sweets this week!

2.  Be conscious of the parking fees!  Avoid them as much as possible or choose malls which have the daily flat rate.

3.  Bring water from the gym so I won't have to buy any more drinks or eat stuff while watching a movie. That would help me lost weight faster.

4.  I need the movie budget for my blog so that expense stays.

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