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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Good Presentation of Filipino Food in Mesa

crispy pata
fish fillet
beautiful lamps in the resto's interiors
the lamp on top of our table
buttered seashells
buttered scallops, yum yum!
their delicious laing - two versions of it!
We decided on eating in a new restaurant tonight and this time, we chose the newly-opened Mesa restaurant in Morato.  The resto specializes in Filipino food and the presentation of the food is quite unique.  It does help that the food is delicious as well!  My favorite is the laing, which I normally don't eat! But their laing here is quite mild so I had no problems eating it.  I also loved their crispy pata which was really malaman!  The fish fillet was also delicious, especially that they have the perfect sauce for it!  The buttered seashells and scallops were also delicious!

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