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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dianna Agron: Not Just Another Pretty Face in Glee, Now She's in a Sci-fi Movie!

Not many in the audience I was in probably knew she was in Glee, but for me, I didn't think at any moment in the movie, 'I Am Number Four', that she would suddenly burst out and sing a showtune!  I just completely forgot that she was the perky cheerleader in that hit TV series.

In this movie, she is a budding high school photographer, whose quirky images appear in a website - set up to humiliate or present what's ugly and what's beautiful in Paradise High School!  I have a feeling Dianna will grow into a serious actress in the future.  She doesn't have to act much here since this is just standard sci-fi fare, but I'm sure if she's given more challenging material - like a hooker on drugs - she would be able to hit the role on the head! I also think she's one of the prettiest women to come out of New Hollywood - and it does help that she can sing!  Her range of future roles just widens because of it.

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