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Thursday, March 3, 2011

On John Galliano's Goof

I admit I am one of his legions of fans, and I have several pieces of his clothing in my locker - pretty expensive stuff just for a shirt mind you!  Anyhow, I was very surprised to see John's video where he spewed out anti-Semitic remarks.  He did appear to be really inebriated and should've been with someone who cares for him when that happened so he can be excused from that scene.  It is very easy to provoke a drunk person - and I'm sure - now that he's in full control of his senses - that he would describe the incident as plain stupidity.  It is hard though to stomach the statement - I love Hitler - and not be affected by it.  Not with so much blood on Hitler's hands.  Next time he wants to drink, John should just stay at home and be with the company of his real friends, rather than out in public where he is fair game.  He should remember he is a celebrity and everything he says is of interest to the general public.  Pity that his talent will not be needed by Dior for their upcoming seasons.

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