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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Weekly Food Cravings!

This article was inspired by that essay Adel Tamano wrote on comfort food.  In my case, I divided my articles into two.  Foods I want to eat while watching a movie and this one - my weekly food cravings! Since no one cooks at home and since my mother was not really a cook, I am not really choosy with food and not very particular with presentation or taste.  I will just eat whatever is served to me.  Anyhow, I do like to eat, and every week, I try to go to these places just to please my taste buds.  Mind you, it's nothing pricey, since like most ordinary Joe's, I live on a budget.  But in any case, pricey or not, with food, it's the taste that matters!

1.  Yang Chow with egg and pork siomai

I have friends who don't eat in Chow King because they think it's a bastardized version of Chinese cooking, but I don't care.  I like their Yang Chow with egg and pork siomai!  So every week, after I get my massage, I would drop by their Morato branch and order the same set of meal.  Every week!  There's something about smelling the hot rice and pairing it with the pork that makes my stomach content.  It's not the food for a king but I like it!

2.  Pasta a la Romana - Cibo

On days where I have something extra, I drop by Cibo and get me some Pasta A La Romana.  It's simply pasta with Spanish sardines.  I know my cook could do this but instead of just wasting time copying the taste, I just drop by the resto and have me some of this!  I've been eating this for ten years now and the taste has not changed.  Cibo is very consistent with these things!

3.  KFC's brownies

It's funny but I go to KFC not to buy chicken (which I do sometimes) but to get some of their brownies!  Since Mrs. Fields's brownies can be expensive at times, I opt for KFC's version and satisfy my sweet tooth!

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