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Friday, March 4, 2011

Genki Sushi - My Favorite Japanese Restaurant in Hong Kong

I first saw this type of Japanese restaurant in an episode of Absolutely Fabulous, where Edina and Patsy ate to their heart's delight as all these sushi and sashimi went around them!  Vic and I used to go to Genki Sushi's branch in Causeway Bay, in Times Square, but that branch as since closed down, so we now go to its Macau Ferry branch.  Every time we come here, there is always a queue and today was no different.  We had to share our table with two other people - which was no problem really.

I stuck to eating the raw fish - which was really the reason why I come here to eat!  I just wanted all the sashimi I can eat.  There was no tuna sashimi, just salmon sashimi - which was fine with me!  I think I ate two plates of it!  I stuck to drinking their green tea but decided on a Haagen Dasz ice cream for dessert.

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