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Friday, March 4, 2011

My Spanish Lessons - Opening Up Another World

I did a petit homework in my Spanish class today and we were supposed to read a transcript of an interview with Antonio Banderas!  Anyhow, I knew it was a scripted interview but it really felt good to be able to read in another language.  My French is passable and if I read something in it, I would understand at least 70% of it, without running to the dictionary. 

So now that I can understand a little Spanish is making me more motivated to learn the language.  Also, earlier this week, while watching the movie From Prada to Nada, I was very surprised to hear some Spanish dialogue in it (without subtitles!) - .  Of course, when my classmates would ask up to what level will I take it up Spanish - I tell them, till I can read Noli Me Tangere!

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