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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Theatre Review: Breakups and Breakdowns' Is Joel Trinidad's Confessional

Definitely one of the more talented actors in our local theatre scene, it is not surprising that Joel has come up with a musical so personal, it was like watching excerpts of his real lovelife on stage.  I watched Breakups and Breakdowns last weekend and I wished I could've watched it during the busy Valentine's season.  It would've provided the perfect atmosphere to a musical that shows both extremes of experiencing love.  The joy of finding the perfect person and the sadness that goes with having to break up with that perfect person.

In the musical, there are two characters whom we can classify as players, the male version, Derek (Reuben Uy), and the female version, Sandy (or Alex), played by Emerita Alcid.  In real life, we also have those slutty friends who become live magnets for disaster on weekends that we go out.  They are the hottest people we know but since they want to be desired so much, they just practically sleep with anyone who falls on their lap!  In the musical though, these two supposedly slutty people are actually the ones who find love and each other, and have the more stable relationship among the two pairs. 

The more tepid couple of Joel and his love interest (Carla Guevara-Laforteza) is actually the one that breaks up then makes up then breaks up then makes up once again.  I guess even in the ending, they just decide to become friends, which really sucks!

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