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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This Week I Will....

Well, I got into the mood of writing down what I wanted to do this week, so here it is.  I am writing in third person because it is like someone is telling me what to do.....

1.  Watch your diet.  Avoid Coke and softdrinks when you eat outside.  Just ask for water always.  I have noticed many people just drink water, even in restaurants.  Also, just bring your water jug wherever you go, like you used to, even to movies so you can cut down on buying sweetened drinks.

2.  Follow Daily Working Schedule so you can finish the book by December and have enough essays for your French blog.

3.  Pay for all tickets in cash so that you won't use your card.  You need the card for your August trip with Mabel.

4.  Vary your workout schedule. Return to Greenhills on Mondays and add Hip Hop and Attack on Tuesdays.

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