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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did Hot Flow Yoga Today

Well, since I was in Eastwood today, I decided to do Miche's Hot Flow Yoga class.  And, as usual, it was tough!  My legs were not very cooperative today and I had to rest a lot of times since I was really feeling the pain especially when we had to hold the poses!  I don't know why my legs were feeling tired but I think it had something to do with all the aggressive kicking I did yesterday during Body Combat class, so I was paying the price today. 

Also, we had to do some really difficult side planks and my wrist was also hurting.  Maybe it could not carry my whole body weight!  Miche even made it more complicated by doing everything on one foot only, with the other foot on supporting foot!  Imagine that!  And she counted ever so slowly on us holding the pose.  Tough!

Anyhow, I did feel my body getting stretched so no complaints there.  Maybe I could catch another yoga class within the week.  Let's see when!

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