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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Feast at the Chef's Table

Our good friends Wendy and Andy treated us to dinner at the Chef's Table Saturday night and the food was divine!  It's actually just Filipino food with a twist.  I am not really a food connoisseur. I just love eating! 

And eating I did - a lot! Well, I still could not get off my mind the laing, which they served as a pasta!  Yum yum! We even had two servings of it! And I just munched my way through it!

Then, the buffalo wings was also great!  We had two servings of it too!  The timpla was just spicy enough and the chicken was really crispy and meaty too!

We had so much food on the table that night, I was just sampling here and there!  I did like the liempo too!  The meat was tender and I like the timpla.

We all had the dalandan fizz to drink but don't be surprised with its color. It's dark brown - like canal water. But it tastes good!

Well, the dinner came with good conversation and lots of stories so we were all really full when we left the place!

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